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Board of Directors

The Board meets regularly once a monthAll residents are welcome! If you are interested in attending one of the meetings, contact us at weatherstoneboard@gmail.com.

The Board’s responsibilities are to work to:
• Establish and monitor an annual budget and Association financials.
• Review and approve policies and missions of the committees to ensure accuracy, appropriateness
and execution.
• Develop short and long term goals for the Homeowners’ Association.

The Board consists of four members who are elected at the Annual Meeting in the Fall. Please let us know if you have an interest in serving on the board. Here are the member roles and responsibilities:

President has general and active supervision and charge of all Association activities. The President is appointed by the Board of Directors. He/She works under the direction of the Board of Directors.

Vice-President is appointed by the Board and acts as the assistant Chief Executive Officer of the Association. In the President's absence, the Vice-President assumes the responsibilities and authority of the President.

Treasurer is charged with the management of Association’s finances.

Secretary is responsible for maintaining the official records of the Board of Directors. These records are available for all residents to view at the official web site of the Association.
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President Amy L. Swinford 
Vice President Kathryn Brown 
Treasurer Sarah Fullmer 
Secretary Position Available 
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