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Weatherstone's Annual Garage Sale: November 3-4

posted Sep 25, 2017, 5:37 PM by WHOA President
We have had a great crowd over the past 20 years during this weekend. We have been pretty lucky as far as weather goes and very few neighborhoods have competing garage sales that weekend. We advertise in many places: craigslist,,, Next Door and Facebook to make this a very successful event!

Many thanks to Vicky Hagan for graciously serving as The Driving Force behind the Garage Sale. If you want to have a garage sale, please do the following:

1. Send Vicky your home address and tell her that you want to be in the neighborhood sale. If you have lots of items and pictures, please send those to her by Friday, October 27 so that she can get those in ads starting on Monday, October 30. The latest date you can get on the map is Wednesday, November 1 at 5pm. Email is preferred:, but you can also leave me a message at 770.509.9648.

2. Are you participating on Friday and/or Saturday?

3. Send your list of items and be specific if you want to sell something high end.

4. Email any pictures of merchandise you have for help sell products! 

5. Buy a balloon or make a sign for your mailbox. This helps attract potential shoppers!

6. Go to the bank and get change/dollar bills.

Please contact Vicky Hagan if you would like to help with any of the following items:

1.       Is there someone that has good handwriting with a Sharpie? Is there someone whose kids would like to help decorate the signs? Anyone good at making cool arrows? I could use 10 signs for the sale. I will give you the supplies and tell you what to put on the sign.

2.       I would also love anyone that would put up or take down the signs. I will tell you exactly where to put them up!

3.       Does anyone want to want to be in charge of the balloons at the Weatherstone entrance both days? We will pay for the balloons but need someone to run down there each morning at about 7am and tie them to the front entrance.

4.       I could also use help with advertising the Sale on Social Media.

5.       Can anyone hang a flyer at work or at their church?

6.       Do you know of any charity with a big truck that will pick up on Saturday at 3pm?

7.       If you can’t help, then at least go to some of your neighbors’ sales as they might just have exactly what you want! Last year, one neighbor was having a garage sale and went to another neighbor’s garage sale and bought their dining room set. They immediately went home and drug out their dining room set and sold it…upgrading for very little money!