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This list represents companies that have been recommended by a Weatherstone resident’s personal experience. If you have received exceptional service, please contribute to this list. WHOA members and officers neither guarantee these services nor give assurance of any required licensing or insurance. We do appreciate their fairness in performance as reported by neighborhood homeowners. 

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CategoryCompany NameNamePhoneWebsite/EmailReferred By
CategoryCompany NameNamePhoneWebsite/EmailReferred By
Automotive Arnold's Automotive  770-578-8447 Arnold's Automotive Barbara Linn 
Carpentry Eric Noel Eric Noel 678-794-5453  Cathy/Clint Donley 
Carpet Cleaning / Flooring Complete Carpet Service  770-565-8138 Complete Carpet Service Barbara Linn 
Decks/Sunrooms Carpenter's Arms Construction Mark Crayton 770-855-9615 Julia Frick 
Dentist / Hygienist  Richard Metcalf 770-578-1300  Shawn Hanson 
Dry Cleaning TLC Cleaners  770-565-7588 TLC Cleaners Barbara Linn 
Drywall Repair Patchmaster Drywall Bert 770-926-0709  Cathy Donley 
Electrical Electrical Installations/Design Lighting Tom Sargeant 770-516-6967  Kathleen Hamilton / Greg Gilbert 
Fencing Summit Fence Lee Tuck 770-334-6964 Summit Fence Website Amanda Thomas 
Garage Doors Atlanta Classic Garage Doors Michael Porter 404-667-3947  Barbara Linn 
Garbage Haul Masters Richard 404-512-2448 Patty Thomas 
Garbage Hugh's Garbage  770-529-9330 Hugh's Barbara Linn 
Garbage Waste Management  404-794-6707 Waste Management Lynn Gilbert 
General Contracting  Rem Bennett 770-596-0734  John Duncan 
General Contracting Alger General Construction Bill Alger 404-538-5518  Barbara Linn 
General Contracting Custom Carpentry Paul Beatty 404-630-1021  Steve Sneller & Laura Akin 
General Contracting Edge to Edge Renovations Pete Ryder 404-840-5947 Lorie Hornsby 
General Contracting Property Management Services John Carpenter 678-576-9066 John Carpenter Wanda Little 
Gutters Yarbrough Roofing Johnny Yarbrough 404-642-3181 Julia Frick 
Hair Salon Signature Salons  770-971-0121  Shawn Hanson 
Heating / Air Atlanta Air Innovations Dustin Merchant 678-614-6292 Cathy Donley 
Home Cleaning  Gabriella Palma 770-598-2370  Kate Morris 
Home Cleaning  Esther 404-694-9317  Barbara Linn 
Irrigation Systems Cobb Irrigation Systems  770-439-1067 Barbara Linn 
Landscape Maintenance  Juan Angel 404-402-2848  Barbara Linn 
Landscape Maintenance  Roger Penzini 678-793-1411  Shawn Hanson 
Landscape Maintenance  Bonifacio Hernandez 678-464-5030  Kate Morris 
Landscaping Core Aeration Steve Rogers 678-697-5733   
Landscaping Down to Earth Lawn and Garden, Inc Greg Kuzia 770-841-0162  Jehan Wanigatunga 
Landscaping Super Sod  770-516-3255  Jehan Wani 
Moving Services Atlanta Moving Solutions  770-485-8384 Website Amanda Thomas 
Painting  Roldolfo Quintanar 770-616-1430  Shawn Hanson 
Painting Amerlat Painting Jorge Novoa 770-616-3736 Cathy Donley 
Painting Herrick's Quality Painting Jim Herrick 770-560-9112 Facebook page Amanda Thomas 
Painting Yarbrough Roofing Johnny Yarbrough 404-642-3181 Julia Frick 
Pest Control Bug-Off Exterminating  770-928-8000 Barbara Linn 
Pest Control Cook’s Pest Control  770-424-8888 Cathy Donley 
Pest Control Fred's Pest Control Fred Ascara (770) 895-1966 Brian Daniels 
Pest Control Mosquito Squad of Marietta Kelly Sanders 404-983-5480 Lynn Gilbert 
Photography Joan Schoenecker Photography Joan Schoenecker Shawn Hanson 
Roofing Findlay Roofing  770-516-5806 Barbara Hammond 
Roofing Yarbrough Roofing Johnny Yarbrough 404-642-3181 Julia Frick 
Stone / Concrete / Brick  Dale Bundy 770-265-1832  John Cole 
Swim Instruction  Patti Snyder 770-973-2413  Shawn Hanson 
Tile Installation Carpenter's Arms Construction Mark Crayton 770-855-9615 Julia Frick 
Tile Installation Floor Designs Specialists Nick Serban 678-794-2522  Cathy Donley 
Tree Services Atlanta Tree Arbors Mark Salliers 678-887-6568  Judy Anderson 
Tree Services Murphy Tree Service Patrick Murphy 770-944-7498  Susan Jelinek 
Tree Services Trimscapes Tree Service Bill Rhodes 678-651-4667  Barbara Linn 
Tutoring Gretchen Hornsby Gretchen Hornsby Jackie Castellow 
Vet Services Miller Mobile Vet Matt Miller 404-538-5448 Marie Volk 
Showing 51 items